Singing nerd gathering?

AshrackAshrack Enforcer DeputySeattle, WARegistered User regular
If there were, say, a gathering at a convenient gathering space, say, Sunday evening round about 7pm, would you sing about it?
If you found yourself surrounded by some PAX folks who were vocally inclined, would there perhaps break some spontaneous improvisational A Cappella?
I would. I'm kind of strange that way.
I wonder if this might peak your interest as well.
Not a game or promotion here, I really offer nothing other then a baritone voice LFG.

I propose the 1st floor of the WSCC, behind the escalators, 7pm on Sunday. Would you sing in the evening with me?


  • ClixClix This guy I know Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    The obvious choice would be something iconic from a game, but most of that is musical and doesn't really have any lyrics. (Unless you make lyrics like Brentafloss)

    I was going to organize a Christmas carol gathering for Robert during PAX East but he never responded to my inquiries as to his favorites. Maybe be worth trying again?

  • tkywatkywa Registered User regular
    Yes, I think would be a ton of fun!

    There's tons of vocal video game choices. First thing off hand that pops up is FF7 and FF8 for choral. Civilization is a pretty common choice for choral performances. There's some that could be expanded for a larger group like Bastion or Metal Gear Solid (The Best is Yet to Come). And you can a capella-ify just about any tune.

  • TofystedethTofystedeth veni, veneri, vamoosi Registered User regular
    I'm not going to Prime, but this thread caught my eye.
    There's an arrangement of Fisherman's Horizon, from the album Liberi Fatali I believe, that has the beginning and end done by a cappela choir. Could probably just do that all through instead. There's also the arrangement of Relm's Theme from the album Love Will Grow, Kami no Yurikago, which is lovely, but would take a strong soprano.

    If you've got a real good group with a good mix, The Miracle and The Resurrection from Xenosaga are pretty awesome. I might still have the sheet music for those I downloaded like, 10 years ago on my computer, if you want them.

    Other than that you could just stand around and try work out some fun Mario arrangements or something as a group.

  • AshrackAshrack Enforcer Deputy Seattle, WARegistered User regular
    I love all these ideas for organizing and working with game music. Over the years I've also seen the required level of effort for organizing these things fizzle out. Some who would enjoy participation are geographically inconvenient and cannot. Thus this call goes out for spontaneity, a one time and ephemeral event. Wander in, join the chorus, wander out. Vocal improvisation is within reach of all manner of musical nerds. Game music can be unfamiliar to those without a history of that specific game, sight reading sheet music is often beyond the average singer (not to say that any of you are average!).
    We see where the music takes us.

    If more comes of it, if friendships are formed, if a group is sparked, if organization arises from the chaos... Bravo! But it starts with the chaos and no further expectations therein.

  • laurentheflutelaurentheflute Leader of The Returners AustinRegistered User regular
    SINGING. HALLWAY JAMMING. This is my favorite sort of thing ever. However, I can't improvise to save my life. If you want to sing existing songs, and I know those songs, I will be super happy to join in and I can offer soprano vocals and a lack of stage fright. But if you're improvising jazz-style, I will just be excited that you're doing that. :) I've never seen or heard of an improvisational a capella group, so I'm intrigued.

    If you're planning specific existing game music ... I already know "The Best Is Yet to Come" from MGS in my best approximated Gaelic, although (spoilers) I can promise that one is going to show up on our setlist! But I will take any excuse I can get to sing that song more because I love it so much.

    There are tons of official vocal arranged albums out there, like the FF vocal collections (someone earlier mentioned Love Will Grow, but you can't overlook Pray!) or the official arranged MOTHER album (which is one of my personal favorites). Or Suikoden. Or there's things like "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" from Bioshock Infinite ... or, if you want something really easy to sing, the Jonathan Coulton songs from Portal 1 and 2 have simple melodies, and somebody with a good ear and a capella experience could probably sing the guitar parts too. At least for "Still Alive" :)

    Arranging video game music for singing is one of my hobbies so I might be able to throw something together to help, if you wanted sheet music for something in particular.

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  • TofystedethTofystedeth veni, veneri, vamoosi Registered User regular
    Pray is a pretty good album. I kind of have mixed opinions of most of the tracks though I adore Não Chora Menina

  • laurentheflutelaurentheflute Leader of The Returners AustinRegistered User regular
    Ahhhhhh ;_; I love most of the album, but it was admittedly the second CD I ever bought in my life and my first game music album ever, so I might be biased. Or it might be a matter of taste -- I didn't like Love Will Grow especially much, maybe because it's kind of ... jazzier?

    I got self-conscious about having a self-promotional signature. Now I don't have one anymore. HI, I'M LAUREN, I PLAY MUSIC AND VIDEO GAMES
  • tkywatkywa Registered User regular
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    I love both Pray and Love Will Grow, but for different reasons. I love a lot of the tracks for Pray, it has a lot of beautiful choices. And heh, actually I am fond of the jazzy-klezmer instrumentals in LWG! The duets are a fun addition too. I think the production value sounds a little better on the 2nd album as well. But they're still both in a very special place in my heart. Like laurentheflute, I found them when I was first looking for orchestrated video game music, so they were early additions to my game music library.

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  • Deaths CrowbarDeaths Crowbar That guy that does the Things "East Bound and Down" AKA TexarkanaRegistered User regular
    I know almost all the shantys from AC IV. Im pretty partial to Johnny Leave Her.

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