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Microsoft Edge, touchscreens, and reaction buttons in full site mode

AthenorAthenor Who needs lions when you have a battlecruiser?Registered User regular
This is, like, the most esoteric and minor of all possible bugs, but I just noticed it..

I'm trying out Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, and it appears that touch inputs for reactions/quoting is a bit off.

For the control action, in Chrome touching anywhere within a post's frame/box will pop up the reaction buttons.

In Microsoft Edge, if you touch inside the frame of a post, nothing happens - only quote and flag show up. However, if you long press the touch, the reaction buttons will appear. If you hold long enough for the right-click menu to appear, the reaction buttons will stay and you can click them. If you let go of the long press just prior to the right-click menu appearing, the reaction buttons may disappear. The behavior is the same in tablet or laptop mode.

I have no clue if this is related to Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, Vanilla, or some other variable. It may even be Chrome that's not acting as expected. But I just thought I'd bring it to your attention.

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