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Question about ID@Xbox Event

DonovanKreedDonovanKreed Registered User regular
So as I was glancing at Twitter, I noticed that Eventbrite were carrying tickets (free of course) for the ID@Xbox Event on the 27th of August. However, from the articles I've read, it makes no mention of tickets and that it's "first come, first serve". My question is, has that since changed? Will my ticket get me guarantee my entrance into the event or will I have still have to get there early to fit on the bus?


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    edited August 2015
    There's no way we can answer that for you 100% from here, you'll have to contact the organizer of the event.

    However, from some cursory googling I found:

    I see no mention of the eventbrite there. It could just be that they put it on eventbrite to increase its exposure. You could email the eventbrite organizer though the eventbrite page to get more info.

    In my experience, for industry events, free tickets guarantee nothing.

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  • ZombicusZombicus Registered User regular
    I'm glad you asked this because it hadn't crossed my mind at all. Here I was assuming my eventbrite registration would guarantee me entry! I sent them an e-mail asking the same question, but feel free to ask them yourself if you haven't already. Just waiting for a reply now.

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  • SpeedRacer20SpeedRacer20 Registered User regular
    You don't need a ticket or PAX badge to attend, it's open to the public. They did something like this last year as well. Be advised if you are from out of town, the 520 floating bridge now has a toll on it, if you use a rental car the company may charge that toll to your credit card. Take the I-90 floating bridge (south of downtown Seattle) across to avoid the toll. I believe there will also be shuttles from the Convention Center for you to take over to the Microsoft Event, its about 20 minutes from downtown Seattle.

  • ZombicusZombicus Registered User regular
    edited August 2015
    Here's the reply I received from ID@Xbox
    Everyone is welcome and no one will be turned away. The buttons are first come, first served while supplies last.
    So, look out for buttons, I guess.

    Zombicus on
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