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kdog555kdog555 Registered User new member
I was wondering if anyone knows who all from the professional smash community will be at PAX and when they will be there. I saw Dron doing something on Sunday and Leffen tweet something about PAX but I'm not aware if there are any tournaments or other people who are going to be there.


  • ColdbrewColdbrew Down in Front Productions Lake Stevens, WARegistered User regular
    edited August 2015
    The only names I know for sure at the moment are GimR, D1 and TKBreezy. Unfortunately I don't follow too many people outside of the vgbc stream but I'm sure some others will be there. It would be awesome to finally see some of them play in person though. :D

    There is a HUGE tournament happening at the Westin all weekend though that is going to be host to some big names I'm sure. I was going to make a thread about it but this will do. GimR will be streaming the whole thing on VGBootCamp, TK said he would be doing some commentary as well. Here is the event page for it.

    There is also these two panels happening during PAX. GimR and D1 are among the panelists for the Industry panel on Sunday morning.

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  • WaryTortoiseWaryTortoise Registered User regular
    The biggest name that's going to be there is Leffen. In addition to the names that Coldbrew mentioned, I know that Nintendude, Westballz, Sky WIlliams, Zhu, and HugS will be there.

  • ColdbrewColdbrew Down in Front Productions Lake Stevens, WARegistered User regular
    That's not bad for a tournament at PAX haha. I'd have to put my money on Leffen at this point but either way I'm hoping that I won't be busy during the finals and can come check it out in-person. Should be a good time.

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