PSA: Secondary Badge Pickup Location & Weather

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Badge Pickup:
For those that did not have their badges shipped to you (Will Call, Speaker, International, etc.). Badge Pickup begins TODAY (Thursday) from 1-8p @ the Grand Hyatt Hotel. However, on Friday - Monday (between 8a and Noon) we'll have a second location open in the Convention Place tunnel. This is a much larger area, so we'd recommend you go there, because the Hyatt location is actually pretty small. (Media still need to go Grand Hyatt)

There's a very, very good chance it will rain sometime between Friday evening and Sunday, so I'd recommend you bring a light shell of some kind. It won't be cold out, but it could be wet, especially for the saturday AM entrance and the Acquisitions Inc. queue.

There are also a whole slew of other last minute tips we have for you here regarding PAX Prime 2015. Enjoy the show everyone - hope to see you there!

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  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Another important part of new information is SHUTTLES!

    From the above link:
    7. Shuttles will be on a 4 stop loop. Convention Center (on level 1 on Convention Center Place), Benaroya Hall (on Union across the street), the Westin (on Westlake Ave), and then up to the Paramount Theatre (on Pine) between 11a and 8p. Please note that because of Seattle traffic, these will NEVER be the fastest means to get from point A to B, but for those that would like them, they’re available! (for those needing ADA access, please call 877-214-6065 at least 20 min before pickup time). Scroll down to see a map of all 4 locations.

  • teebone8291teebone8291 Silicon Valley, CARegistered User regular
    Thx for the info Guys.

  • blazertrek50blazertrek50 Registered User regular
    Can you believe that we have had this amazing HOT summer so dry that we are in a drought and yet the weekend of PAX we will have more rain then the entire rest of the summer had! Oh and it is also going to be somewhat windy so good luck trying to stay dry while outside :bigfrown: I am excited for PAX but going and leaving will be a wet mess for everyone, so I hope you do not mind having wet coffee :biggrin:

  • DreamwriterDreamwriter Registered User regular
    Ooo, I like the Shuttles idea. If it rains too hard, take the shuttle to stay somewhat dry. Or take them if your legs fall off on your third day.

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