PAXaus 2015 and Cosplay Photos!

SuperRoachSuperRoach BallaratRegistered User regular
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Hi Guys, It's about time we post up our photos we've taken!

Day Three Photos

Here's Day Two

and Day One:

I'm about to head out day three, and try to catch them all pokemon style. Having so much fun this year.

But yeah, post in your photos of the day if you were media or otherwise, or cosplay photos you liked!

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  • mouseno4mouseno4 Registered User regular
    Sad that most of the people i met during PAX, i will likely never see again.

  • SuperRoachSuperRoach BallaratRegistered User regular
    mouseno4 wrote: »
    Sad that most of the people i met during PAX, i will likely never see again.

    Not with that attitude.

    Sure many people can be busy, and have their own lives keeping their time to be short - that's what makes your (and their) catch up time so precious. I'm sure they appreciated the meetup's just as much as you, and would smile if and when you catch up with them in the future.

  • SocketMixSocketMix MelbourneRegistered User regular
    First time went to pax
    I had previously heard of supanova and missed out. then just something clicked googled whatever and came across paxaus
    A week before paxaus Melbourne was on my PlayStation 4 and was playing with my mate on destiny, asked if he knew of paxaus he said he's going too and is an enforcer..
    I did pax Saturday 31/10/15 but next year I'll do all three days.

    I've got multiple social media sites that I use for my business which is still in development as many things going on in life
    But have a ton of paxaus Melbourne Saturday 31/10/15 photos of The event and cosplay.
    Please check out the links below like share, you might see yourself or friends in the pics :-)

    Flickr and YouTube coming soon (only got a few vids of paxaus (hope it's ok to post these links. I know paxaus Tumblr reblogged some of my pics which is great :-))

    Can't wait to do paxaus next year
    Next up well be ozcomicon and supanova

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