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So I just downloaded this cause my phone had been deleting my number a lot lately so wanted to make sure i got the tweet when it came in. I think I set this up right but being the 1st time me ever using it wanted to get the yes or no from people that have.

All I have to do is on the notifactions tab any users put @Robert Khoo and then turn on sounds and pop-ups and I will get a notifaction whenever he tweets something right? Did I do this right or is there something else I have to do? Can I set it up to get notifacations from more then one person or just one at a time?


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    Looks like you did it right.
    What i did is added Koo and PAX to their own Column, then turned on notifactions for both of them (both on at the same time seemed to work last year). Worked like a cham last year, and managed to get my 3 day before it sold out.

    I used the web version of tweetdeck, both web and desktop are just as good worked for me both years i went.

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    yea i have the desktop version and also have mobile notifactions set up though that has not been working as good lately hoping between the 2 i will be good to go

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    Can I have a dowload for the PC app version? Also where is there a download for that app that would notify when the ticket site updated for PAX East tickets?

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