Asking about dnd

Jigglypuff510Jigglypuff510 Registered User regular
Would anyone be willing to teach me Dungeons and Dragons , I am 17 years old and really only experienced in Video games though I have played RPGs and MMORPGs before



  • JoeJoeJoeJoe Registered User new member
    Usually in the Table Top area there is a booth set up with D&D games being played, they have pre-made characters and you can try it out. I don't remember who has done it in the past. If WOtC have a D&D booth set up, that would also be a great resource.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Yeah, WotC has lots of beginner D&D stuff at East usually, where you can hop in and they teach you how to play.

  • SolanalesSolanales CMYKMatter Registered User regular
    WOtC has a really wonderful program as others have mentioned. D&D is dead easy to pick up especially with 5E... It's basically like playing a video game at this point but via text and dice rolls. Also you can do anything you want. Really it's not a hard game to pick up.

    Also if you see people playing around the tabletop area, don't be afraid to walk up and ask to watch as you want to learn the system. People are typically really friendly to this from what I've seen. I learned about a few games last year this way.

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