On 8/19/1963...

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... Over 52 years ago. A man was born.

That man was John Stamos

We mostly know him as Uncle Jesse from Full House but his first role was as a character named Blackie in an episode of General Hospital.

Jesse also made an appearance on the critically acclaimed sitcom Hangin' with Mr. Cooper.

Currently he is playing in Grandfathered which... Isn't really very good.

None of this matters. What matters is what he has blessed us with...

His naked ass.

Paper magazine, which was last in the news when Kim Kardashian broke the Internet, has done a photo shoot with Mr. Stamos where he shows his completely nude ass.

Obviously I can't post it here for reasons but as a human you should go search it out.

No hair has ever been on the surface of this ass. It was chiseled by Apollo himself out of the finest Greek Marble. Songs will be written and babies will be born because of this ass.

Be prepared for this picture. If you don't prep yourself you may find yourself in a Raiders of the Lost Ark situation with your face melting completely off.

Go! Gaze upon the shiny glory!


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