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Pinny Pal Community Thread 3.0 New Pinny arcade fans start here. Winter is Coming Soon™

darkinferodarkinfero BOP-ITMalden, MARegistered User regular
edited January 23 in Pinny Arcade
Welcome to the Pinny Pal community thread!
Your wondering why 3.0. I figure it's best to start the new year with a new thread and new information that people can look at.
Big thing is pin group and one stop shop for Pin information. I have taken a lot information from @Manic-2k 2.0 thread.

Who are we?
Well we are collectors of Pinny Arcade of course! (
Since 2013 Pinny Arcade has exploded and people are having fun collecting and trading and meeting other pin pals too!
The community is thriving and will continue to grow over the coming years with the addition of new pins and being released at every PAX!
So how do you get started here??

Well it’s easy just do the following :
1. Introduce yourself to our great community, maybe telling us about how you got interested in Pinny Arcade and ask us any questions you have.
2. Check out the PA store for pins your missing
3. Check out our community site:
4. Join slack
5. Pinny Pals Community Resource Hub: Podcast, Chat-Apps and Useful Info

How do I trade around here?
There are two ways:

Single trades:
In regards to single trades or non-partnership trades at the moment you just post in the "Pin Pal Trading Post" thread what you have
for trading and what you need/want for your collection. Then you PM the person that has what you want and then you can offer a trade.

our community website!
-This site allows you to register your collection as well as what you would like to put up for trade. A digital lanyard if you will.

Pin Pal Trading Post:

Pin pal: Work in a team to collect pins for a Pax you might not be able to go to.

#trade: Join our pin trade channel on slack if you're looking for a trade.

What is a Pin Pal?
A pin pal partnership is a collective of 4 pin pals each representing each other at one of the four
PAXs - collecting pins that the other two would normally not have a chance on getting alone.

What are the benefits of this arrangement?
The benefits are as follows:
-Access to pins from a PAX you usually would miss out collecting and would have to arrange trades.
- Saving on shipping, instead of shipping to 40 or so addresses you will only theoretically need to ship to two addresses.
- Knowing you have trades arranged and knowing how much/what you need to collect for yourself and your fellow Pin Pals.
- Established trade route - this means that you will have partners that you can rely on as well as built raport
- Have pin group questions message me or join #pinny_pal_groups on slack.

Sounds great, how do I sign up?
Fill out this form

What level collector?
First is I must have every pin which is usually a hardcore collector.
Second is I can live without having every pin or I pick pins that I like.

I will message everyone for the first time to confirm your group.

When do I send my pin pals their pins that I collected?
This is up to you and your group and will differ with preference.

Some Pin groups exchange pin for pin or exchange cash.
Not every groups or member asks for every pin. It's up for the group to decide.

It is advised however for each member of your pin pal group to hold onto your pins until all four PAX even sets have been collected and send them all at once.

Being a Hardcore collector I will need to purchase core sets to collect pins, how does that work with the other pin pals in my group?
This again will depend on the group and its preferences. If your groups decide to purchase the sets and send them to the pin pal who is up collecting then they do that. If the pin pal who is up for collecting buys all the trade resources he needs for 3 sets and then works it with his group, then he does that.

Make sure you communicate and don't be afraid to share social media information.
You can chat anywhere you want over text, slack, facebook messenger, forums, whatsup.
The biggest down fall for a pin group is communication.

What if they cheat me?
Unfortunately this is a possibility and everyone should be a little wary.
Get to know your new group, they are a part of this community and are here for the same reason you are which is to collect the pins and have a blast doing so. If they do end up cheating you or your group then they will be black listed from the community.
zerzhul wrote:
A moderator note on pin trading via the forums:

Please see the forum rules for our policy on buy/sell of things. The Pin threads encourage trading, not a marketplace.

This thread gives no legitimacy to anyone attempting to trade with you. Any trades performed should always be assumed to be at one's own risk with no official avenue for retribution in the event of a fuckup or a scam.

Why are you doing all this?
We have fallen in love with this hobby and the community is awesome.

Time Stamp Variants:
Check out for the few variants we have. Some of hardcore members go after this.

Pinny pals Roster:
Pin Groups
Group 1:
STATUS: Active

Group 2:
STATUS: Active

Group 3 BOP-IT
STATUS: Active

Group 4: The Pinny Pinchers
STATUS: Active

Group 5: Pinquisition
STATUS: Active
sirmrej/Prime/enth *may also go to East
Jake Capps/PAX South/ENTH

Group 6: The Pinglourious Basterds

Application Pending:

Enthusiast applications:
West: imsorad; kyleshrader; CoreyGirl

Technical Manager:@Grgemonkey
Grgemonkey is managing everything to with the upcoming trading website, any suggestions or inqueries should go to him.

Special thanks to @Elytian for creating the community art and logo we use.

I hope this all helps and welcome to the Pinny Pal community!

Darkinfero Community member since 2013

My Pin collection
Pinny Pal since PAX Prime 2013
darkinfero on


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