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Hey all,

East pins have dropped, and I will once again be offering the same proxy service I provided at previous PAXes.

Here are the details!
  • If you have a Pin Group with an East representative, please do not use me to get more pins. This is designed to help those without groups.
  • Offer is only for purchase pins, which are non-Limited Edition (No free time-sink pins or Poylgon pins)
  • Shipping for the US will be a flat rate of $7, as I will be using USPS Small Flat Rate boxes
  • Shipping to AUS/Canada* will be a flat rate of $12, same sized box - 3 day international shipping!
  • Full payment must be received via Google Wallet prior to Monday, April 18th (address will be provided in PM when you send your order)

If you wish to place an order, please Cut/Paste this into a PM with quantities filled out (limit 2 per):

__ PAX East 2016 Set - $30
__ Hair Troll - $10
__ Gnome - $10
__ Wraith - $10
__ Half-Life Lambda - $15
__ Flaming d20 - $15
__ Hockey Spoop - $10
__ Cadavre - $15
__ Troll Revere - $15
__ What Ho! Pin - $15
__ Bolverk - $15
__ Hob - $15
__ Dogmeat - $15 (Limit 1, not guaranteed*)
__ Cyberdemon - $15 (Limit 1, not guaranteed*)
__ Vault - $15 (Limit 1, not guaranteed*)

* Based on historical evidence, the Bethesda Pins will likely be limited to a maximum purchase of 2 per person, and have an aggressive line to deal with. If this is the case, I will do what I can. But expect that there is a chance I will need to refund the money for these pins if they are too difficult to obtain. These 3 pins are limited to 1 per person.

Here is a photo of the USPS Small flat Rate box. I was able to comfortably fit 2 show sets and 16 individual pins in the box, so that will likely be the max limit per person. I might be able to squeeze another 2-4 pins in there without damaging the card backs. I can fit a lot more in if you don't care about the card backs being included. Options and preferences will be listed order form when it's available.


Using these boxes not only makes pricing out shipping a piece of cake, but also allows me to prep the boxes prior to the show, and mailing them out on Monday directly from Seattle!*

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me!

* AUS/Canada shipments will need to wait until Wednesday February 3rd to go out at that low rate.

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