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Any big chess fans out there?

PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
I am hoping to find some fellow chess enthusiasts at the convention. I figure that there will be some stalking among the crowd. Looking for a few good chess games! I'll be working in the Diversity Lounge at the HG table if anyone wants to stop by and play a match or two!



  • SynAckSynAck Registered User new member
    Don't know if you'll see this now, but I love chess. I'm average at best, but if I find a few free minutes, I'll stop on by for a game or two.

  • PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    Woot! I knew there had to be at least one!

  • nutwpinutnutwpinut Registered User new member
    edited January 2016
    I can stop by and have a match or two. I'm not great, not bad, but ok. Tried to stop by at 6:05, but was closed.

    nutwpinut on
  • PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    Ah. You just missed us. We packed up and left at 6 for our party this evening at on the rocks. Maybe we can catch a game tomorrow.

  • nutwpinutnutwpinut Registered User new member
    I will stop by tomorrow, now that I know the times it is open.

  • SynAckSynAck Registered User new member
    Penny, stopped by the lounge this morning. Are you with Houston Gaymers? Or just at the con?

  • PennyPtonPennyPton Registered User regular
    Haha! I missed you again! I was done on the event floor buying some gifts. I am at the booth now and should be here most of the day.

  • SynAckSynAck Registered User new member
    I've won't be able to make it today. Will you be around tomorrow?

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