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Steam [Phalla] Sale

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Present Day, Present Time

"Mr. Newell."
The administrator cleared his throat in the dark confines of the office. He had entered from the far, far end of a comically massive, rectangular room. At the other side, reclined behind a desk so massive it would make Scrooge McDuck envious, was the Newell. "I'm busy." Counting fat stacks of money. "Busy."
"Sir, it's the-"
"Three million five hundred-
"Seventy eight thousand-"
"They've begun to-
"Nine hundred and-"
"Amass a following."
And just like that, the money was forgotten. Lightning flashed dramatically behind the form of the Steam overlord.
"Game Stop has begun offering things we can't. Artbooks, figurines, collectible vinyls."

The admin could have sworn he felt the floor vibrate as Newell rose to his feet, one meaty fist slamming down against the wooden desk's surface in unbridled rage.
"What in the-"
There was a downward slash of flying stars and sparkles, in the form of one astoundingly low-resolution rendered sword.
Then, just like that, the patriarch of all things Steamy had been left cleaved in two.

The Newell sat without reacting for a time, as if unaware he'd just been bisected. Then he finally came apart down the middle accompanied by a gushing spray of blood best described as 'magnificent'.

The admin was fairly calm, all things considered. After taking a moment to survey the damage, the newfound freelance employee approached the bloody remains of his deceased boss, gave a despondent sigh, and adjusted his glasses. The assailant was nowhere to be found. It was probably the work of GS... or one of the elite assassins of other competitors.

"Plan B."

Shoving the splattered remains of the Newell, which had already begun to disseminate in the form of fine pixels, away from his ruined throne, the admin brought up the community page and began sending messages.

“Launch the Steam Sale.”

It was time to summon backup.

The Dead

Gaben - Corporate Assassination

What is this?

This is a phalla. A phalla is the PA forum version of the game mafia. Critical Failures has a good summary of the basic mechanics for a phalla game here if you are unfamiliar with the game. The premise is an uninformed majority (the village) must seek out and eliminate an informed minority (the mafia) hiding among them. I, @Baidol, will be your host this game with @cj iwakura as my writer. This game is designed for 30-50 players, although it can be expanded beyond that. Signups for this game will continue until Monday, February 1, although this will depend on sign-up numbers. The plan is to begin the game during the day of February 1 and close the first phalla day on Tuesday, February 2, resulting in a long Day 1.

The Rules

!Sign up in boldlimegreen. If you are unsure about your ability to commit to the game or signups are full, you may sign up as a reserve by posting !Reserve.

As a member of the Steam community, you may decide which class of games will receive the biggest sales by voting in !boldcyan before the opening narration. Your options are nostalgia panderers, walking simulators, or dating sims. The cyan vote is optional and has no effect on the mechanics of the game, only which RNG list is used to assign roles.

Clarifications may be asked in !bolddarkorange either in this thread or via PM and will be collected in the second post of this thread. All questions should be directed to me, no cj.

All players must post twice a day, including a vote post for a player to be lynched, designated in !boldred. Retraction posts can be made in !boldlimegreen, but are not required. The last !boldred vote post from a given user will be the one that is counted. Do. Not. Edit. Vote. Posts. Period. For. Any. Reason. Fullstop. Dot. Votes in an edited post will not be counted. I request that you place your votes on a separate line at the beginning or end of your post, but this is not required.

Standard phalla rules apply. This includes, but is not limited to, no copying/pasting, taking screenshots, taking pictures of and e-mailing or anything else of role PMs.

Communication of any kind between live players and dead players is forbidden. A single death post containing no in-game information is allowed.

I must have administrator access to any proboards created. Please also add me to any PM conversations you have with other players. As a reminder, trust and truth are valuable commodities in phalla. As such, if you wish to bring a new person into a conversation you are already participating in, you MUST begin a new conversation.

You will receive one (1) warning for inactivity before being removed and replaced. So long as replacements are available, players will be replaced, until the point of no return (see below).

If/once the player count drops below 15 players, all surviving players must vote every day. THERE WILL BE NO WARNINGS AND INACTIVES WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY AT THAT POINT AND WILL NOT BE REPLACED. Much of the late game involves analysis of voting records and that can’t happen if people don’t vote.

Voting for this phalla will close at 10:00pm CST (4:00am GMT). Only posts with a timestamp of before 10:00pm CST (4:00am GMT) i.e. 9:XX or sooner will be accepted. Special actions must be PM’ed to myself or listed on proboards by the same time.
Order of Operations
1. Vote
2. Non-offensive actions
3. Offensive actions

Sample Steam User (Villager) Role PM
You are a Steam User.

The Steam Sale signal has gone out, but this year the stakes are higher than ever. The Gaben has fallen, and the Steam Administrator has gathered you to root out those that did the felling. You are tasked with finding and eliminating the Gamestop Employees hiding among your ranks.

Vote in bold red each night to lynch someone.

Win condition: Eliminate the Gamestop Employees and all other threats to the Steam Community.

Steam Overwatch: Baidol#1957
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