PAXAMANIA II live on the main stage of PAX East at 10:30 AM EST!

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Twice as fun as Wrestelemania and only a fourth the runtime!

It wouldn't be a PAX wrestling thread if it wasn't half-assed and down to the wire would it?

With the dissolution of the biggest heel stable, RUN GFB, and the title won by Samantha Kalman in a hell in a cell match against the only person to ever hold it, the Wolf, everything the PAX Wrestling Federation has ever known is in disarray. The future is not set but it seems many on the card have a bone to pick with the Commissioner Greg Miller and his inability to well, do anything besides clear an entire hotel and waste the time of a bunch of firefighters.

We do know some of the matches to expect. Including the title shot Amarisse Sullivan won at Southern Slam with the help of a chain of choke holds there is going to be a Jeff Green Memorial Tag Team Tournament with the following contestants:

And again, Jeff Green is totally fine.

Greg Miller however may not be as earlier today he was viciously attacked by Dirty Dan Ryckert:

Ryckert was later evicted from PAX but I am sure he will find a way to sneak his way back in for the event.

If you would like to catch up some of the previous events have been filmed and can be viewed here.

For all your other PAX Wrestling needs visit

The event itself will be streamed live at

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