PAX Pokemon League South 2017! Gym Leader Reveals Have Begun!

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Welcome to the PA Forums thread for the PAX Pokemon League at PAX South 2017!

What is the PAX Pokemon League?
The PAX Pokemon League is a weekend-long alternate reality game played at PAX! Gym leaders wander the convention center halls, ready to battle upstart young challengers like you! Find them and defeat them in battle, and you'll receive their badge!

Battles can take place anywhere at PAX. Note that this is NOT a tournament: just like in the game, ANYONE can train a team of their favorite Pokemon and challenge the League. We plan to have gym leaders at many difficulty levels, so everyone has a chance to live the Pokemon dream!

A little more info...
Started at PAX Prime 2010, the PAX Pokemon League has grown and continues to grow each year! The PPL focuses on creating a fun quest to find and battle gym leaders to earn their badges.

What do I need to participate?
All that is required is a copy of a gen 6 Pokemon game (X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire), keen eyesight*, and a love of Pokemon Battle! Gym leaders will be all over PAX, and can be identified by their bright green scarves. Approach them, challenge them to a battle, and if they deem you worthy, you'll earn their badge! No need to sign up or anything, just find a gym leader and start battling! (Due to the short amount of time between the release of Sun and Moon and PAX South (and the still unreleased Bank update!), PPL South will still be using the Generation 6 games. Some leaders may have Sun and Moon teams in addition to their ORAS teams, though!)

*Note: Keen Eyesight only required to see neon green clothes in a sea of black t-shirts.

If, however, you want to know more about the league, join the community of challengers, and find information and hints that will help you locate and identify the gym leaders... well, you should visit our site where in the coming months we're going to be revealing leader profiles, detailed rules, and other fun things. We've also got a twitter account (@PaxPokemon) where gym leaders will often post their locations as they wander the con, and a (Facebook group) where if you like us you can see news and pictures from our Hall of Fame!

What are the rules?
Our rules are posted at http://paxpokemonleague.net/rules/!

What do I win?
Those who conquer the league will win the respect of their peers, entry into the Hall of Fame, and the ability to be forced to sit through the game's credits sequence.

Also, there may be some prizes...

That sounds awesome, can I help?
Applications for Gym Leaders are closed, but you can always join us over at our forums and see if you can help out!

So, that's great, but what is this thread for?
This is the place to interact with challengers and leaders! We're always looking for cool ideas to improve the league, or input on rules that will help make the league more fun.

We also want to spread the word about the league! Tell us if you have any ideas about people we should talk to to get the word out.

We could also talk about your Pokemon. Perhaps you could show us them?

You guys are cool people, can I hang out with you?
You sure can! Visit our forums, follow our twitter or like our facebook page!

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    Kirby4LifeKirby4Life SumYungGuy In a cabin in the woodsRegistered User regular
    Application sent!! Good Luck to everyone!!

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    Kirby4LifeKirby4Life SumYungGuy In a cabin in the woodsRegistered User regular
    First there's too many fire type gym applications... Now too many water... Can I hand in a blank and YOU decide what I make?? Seems things would be easier that way...

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    futilesfutiles Registered User regular
    My son and I may have to hunt down Gym Leaders this year.

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    Our first two Gym Leaders are revealed!

    Jen the Museum Intern is bringing her collection of haunted artifacts to PAX South!

    And Sam the Tricky Desert Terror will show you some real teamwork, if you can see it in the swirling sands!

    In case you missed it, we're also posted our updated Rules for South 2017!

    We'll be posting more leaders every weekday until PAX, so stay tuned!

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    DeimirDeimir Registered User regular
    Looking forward to it! I just got confirmed last week that I'll be attending South, just gotta make sure my team is ready.

    Time off: done. Hotel: ??? Travel: ??? Badges: ???
    PAX Prime attendance: '07, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15, '16
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    The next three South leaders take the stage!

    Take a look, it's in a book, it's Daeny Fay, the Storyteller!

    Ahyahya! Prepare to face the newly reborn Team Magma! It's Tabitha, the Loyal Admin!

    Get amped up for a shocking battle with Brankster, the Charged Capacitor!

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    Three more gym leaders to take on trainers!

    Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, it's Yazmina, the Witch in the Woods!

    Keep flammable objects away from Coal, the Spark that Starts the Flame!

    There's a new hero in town: Arrow, the On Point Vigilante!

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    The hits just keep coming! The next three leaders unveiled!

    Dig into the past against Alfred Jarvis, the Fossil Pokemon Master!

    PRAISE THE SUN, it's Seth, the Sunny Day Knight!

    Save the world from darkness against Robin, the Corrupt Tactician!

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    Another three gym leaders taking PAX by storm!

    Put his money where his mouth is, it's Jozak, the Shiny Cultivator!

    Face the rage of the dragons against Roku, the Retired Lorekeeper!

    Can you withstand the heat against Alanna, the Lioness?

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    Psychic and Electric, Flying and Singing, Fighting and Ghosts! A trio of pairs in today's South Leader reveals!

    Go with the flow against Jaird, the Energies Master!

    Hit a high note when you battle against Lloye, the Breath of Fresh Air!

    It's a spirited one-two punch from El Sol and Luna, the Fighting Spirits!

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    Our final three gym leaders are here!

    You've heard the talk, it's Bug Catcher Matt, the Popular Guy!

    This returning competitor has fallen from the top, it's Pending, the Quarterfinalist!

    Over to the weather, it's Sonny and Drizzle, the Weatherguys!

    That's all of our Gym Leaders. Tomorrow: the Elite Six!

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    First up, a reminder to challengers! While the Pokemon Bank update for Gen 7 landed yesterday, PPL South will still primarily be using ORAS. A few leaders are preparing extra teams in Sun and Moon, but your best bet for getting enough badges and challenging the Champion will be using Gen 6 games!

    And now on to the Elite Six!

    The son also battles, it's Corporal Surge, the Static Soldier!

    Stop, Collaborate, and Battle! It's Emre, the Ice Ice Baby Leader!

    Read up on your Two Weapon Fighting rules, it's Dell, the Double Bladed Master!

    Step into the dojo with Clash, the Master of Combat!

    Test your luck against Chance Gamble, the Game Corner Exec!

    He'll be back, but will you? It's Model 404, the Eliminator Android!

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