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Weird display bug in PM threads

Speed RacerSpeed Racer Scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratchscritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratch scritch scratchRegistered User regular
All of my PM threads look like this:


using chrome on windows 10


  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    Anyone else?

    Hobnail wrote: »
    This forum has taken everything from me
  • Grunt's GhostsGrunt's Ghosts Registered User regular
    edited August 2016
    Yeah, same deal here. Windows 8 Chrome and Mozillia Firefox. My mobile Chrome isn't having a problem.

    Grunt's Ghosts on
  • ecco the dolphinecco the dolphin Registered User regular
    edited August 2016
    Oh hey, I've just gone through some old PMs, and yup, this happens to me too on Chrome and Windows 10

    ecco the dolphin on
    Penny Arcade Developers at
  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    Yeah I can see it. Ticket time.

    Hobnail wrote: »
    This forum has taken everything from me
  • SeñorAmorSeñorAmor !!! Registered User regular
    Whoops. Looks like someone forgot to 'clear="all"' after messages.

  • ChanusChanus Sugoi! ^_____^Registered User regular
    oh, there's already a thread

    i am also experiencing this as of 30 seconds ago or so

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  • Man in the MistsMan in the Mists Registered User regular
    I've been seeing it too, Win7 on Firefox.

  • Blameless ClericBlameless Cleric An angel made of sapphires each more flawlessly cut than the last Registered User regular
    Am seeing it as of today, Win 10 on Chrome

    Orphane wrote: »

    one flower ring to rule them all and in the sunlightness bind them

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  • SirialisSirialis of the Halite Throne. Registered User regular
    I've got this as well, Win 7 on Firefox.

  • TubeTube Administrator, ClubPA admin
    This should be fixed. Anyone?

    Hobnail wrote: »
    This forum has taken everything from me
  • LostNinjaLostNinja Registered User regular
    Looks normal for me again

  • ElvenshaeElvenshae Registered User regular
    Looks good!

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