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PAX Aus Pins at PAX West!

Aussie BenAussie Ben AustraliaRegistered User regular
Hey all,

Not sure how many people view the Reddit, so I thought I'd let you know about this here too. I hope this is okay! Some PAX Aus pins will be available at this year's PAX West!

Visit Tin Man Games' booth - we'll have both our Tin Man pin and Medius the Cannibal available - it's getting hard to find Medius in the office, so I think we're nearly out. A good opportunity to get him!

Samurai Punk is also attending, and will have the really awesome Screencheat pin available. I made sure to grab one of these last year, and I think it was the coolest pin of PAX Aus, to be honest. =) (But even if you have the Screencheat pin... well, you might want to visit their booth anyway... HMMM.)

Looking forward to seeing you at PAX West and/or PAX Aus!



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