West Coast Train trip for Pax west 2016?

MLORDMLORD Registered User regular
I have always enjoyed riding the train with others but had not seen a thread for this years trip.... Are we still doing the train trip this year as well guys and is there specifics listed somewhere? :) I do hope it continues on and I get some extra gaming in with you folks on the way!

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    zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Nobody has posted details of a west coast train trip. There may be people doing the same train as before still and just not talking about it as much. You can always start up a group for it :)

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    YamaraYamara Registered User regular
    I see nothing in the facebook group, but you could join and ask there. Just search facebook for Pax Prime West Coast Train Trip. You'll get added speedily.

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