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Pinny Arcade giveaway for playing Defense Grid the Board Game prototype @ PAXWest2016

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edited August 2016 in Pinny Arcade
Hey everyone! We are demoing Defense Grid the Board Game at PAX West this year and are giving away a ton of official Pinny Arcade pins from previous years to people to play the game prototype.
We will be in Olive8 Hotel at the PlayTestNW booth. Friday @ 2pm, 4pm 6pm. Saturday @ Noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm. Sunday @ Noon, 2pm.

I am also personally looking to trade for a bunch of pins from PAXWest2016 and PAXEast2016. If you have anything I need (check my lanyard -, I hope to see you.
If someone brings by a big stock of what I am missing, I might trade a Gold Overwatch or Hanna with you.


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