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Penny Arcade - Comic - The Problem Palace

DogDog Registered User, Administrator, Vanilla Staff admin
edited September 2016 in The Penny Arcade Hub

imagePenny Arcade - Comic - The Problem Palace

Videogaming-related online strip by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins. Includes news and commentary.

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Unknown User on
Andy JoekimeZilla360Nightslyr


  • desrdesr Registered User regular
    Yep, consoles: the solution for those who can't operate a PC.

  • mausx3mausx3 Registered User new member
    edited September 2016
    I would like to believe he is trolling, but everything tells me this is the real Gabe.
    Poor Tycho, though.

    mausx3 on
  • MirkelMirkel FinlandRegistered User regular
    I remember how PC gaming used to be like this ... 20 years ago.

  • KagatoACKagatoAC Registered User regular
    @Desr or for those who don't want to spend 20 min trying to get their game to work, and just want to play it :)

  • FiendishrabbitFiendishrabbit Registered User regular
    I think Fractured Space is the first game in...forever... that has actually completely locked up my computer. And before I uninstalled the game it did so about every 4th match (when the match is supposed to start). Other games have refused to start or crashed to desktop, but Fractured Space crashes HARD.

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  • jwalkjwalk Registered User regular
    He obviously needs to flush the server side cache IP.


  • fortyforty Registered User regular
    Happy birthday, Mike!

    Officially the unluckiest CCG player ever.
  • CharlesMabeCharlesMabe Registered User regular
    @DESR PC games break a dozen times more often than console games. It has little to do with the operator. I'm always having to fix other peoples' machines and asking them how the hell they keep having problems. Yet PC game stability is barely better on my machines if at all.

    Also, no eldritch abominations this time? God forbid you make ME happy.

  • patrizl001patrizl001 Registered User regular
    Good to know I'm not the only one having problems. Bitdefender doesn't like it and most of the solutions on the forums are "uninstall Bitdefender, it's a piece of shit."

    Dark Raven X
  • AegeriAegeri Tiny wee bacteriums Plateau of LengRegistered User regular
    I had to spend nearly 3 hours getting the new Doom to work on my machine. Most of that was trying to get the new video card drivers for my laptop (which is an arcane system in itself) to function correctly.

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  • shadowysea07shadowysea07 Registered User regular
    While pc games have their benefits like mods they come with too many hassles in some cases. Zestiria and its random bugs from eating saves, duplicating old temp saves, quests not being marked as finished, quest markers not appearing, or my personal favorite my characters skin disappearing leaving only black holes for where the eye sockets were and teeth and muscle tissue....

  • Dark Raven XDark Raven X Laugh hard, run fast, be kindRegistered User regular
    back in the day, when I was all about that PC gaming, whenever I'd hit a problem and ask on that game specific forum for advice, it would invariably come back as "use this entirely different build of hardware/software, because the one you have is terrible!" and then 52 minutes later a second reply would assert that the first guy was wrong, and that build would surely have even more problems.

    console games are always gonna be kneecapped in terms of potential, but man I am glad to be free of ever having to solve a problem. Patch comes down to fix it for me, or it doesn't, but I know there's nothing to be done on my side <3

    Oh brilliant
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