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PC Rocket league 3vs3 2x team members required!

feralmasterferalmaster melbourneRegistered User regular
Hey you, I'd like 2 peeps to help me form a team for the PC RL tournament, My status is legend and I'd class myself as a team player, lots of passing, cantering and circling back into defence. Strategic lobs and epic saves are my speciality. If this sounds like how you play do feel free to hit me up here or Steam.

Tourney is on 7PM Saturday night, but I'm sure this will be popular so I'd like to register early...


posted by a carbon flavoured beer based life form


  • SuperRoachSuperRoach BallaratRegistered User regular
    Tweet it out there is heaps of intetest for that game@

  • Krak3nKrak3n Registered User regular
    Love to. I'm blue star ranked. Just message me.

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