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How do you display your pins?

OlerheadOlerhead KrytentonAustraliaRegistered User regular
Yesterday, while enjoying a buffer day between PAX Aus and returning to work, I decided that keeping all my pins stored on a PAX scarf bound up inside another PAX scarf was probably not the greatest method. Especially since it made me woeful at keeping track of what I actually had. Enter my cork board, which I spent the rest of the day trying to put in some sort of pattern and changing my mind repeatedly about what that pattern should be.

Here is a terrible photo of my board. All my tradin' pins are currently still on lanyards waiting for me to get a book-bag for them:


It made me wonder what everyone else does. Do you keep them all in a bag for when you go to PAX? Do you have an elaborate shadow box? Do you have a room full of them and you just roll around on them and cackle maniacally? Bury them in the backyard?



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