Charades Marathon Stream to Support Take This

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As fellow PAXers, I sure hope you're already aware of Take This, and the great work they do with running the AFK Room. They also train Enforcers before every show to help them be able to spot people who might be struggling with the pressures of a large convention environment. Well, I've certainly been a big fan of what they do and want to help them continue to be able to do it, and so this weekend I'll be running the "Chararity for Hilarity Charades Marathon Stream" to raise money for them.

Now, when I say "charades marathon" I want to be perfectly clear that this is not your ordinary charades. We don't just guess movie/book/TV show titles. That's way to easy. No, we take any words or phrases that the chat sends in, which can lead to having to act things out like "Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV". Also, with modifiers purchasable with in-stream currency, we very well might have to do that phrase with our eyes closed, one hand behind our back, never communicate that any particular word is "on the nose" until the whole phrase has been guessed, and somewhere along the way make a Disney reference. Way more challenging an experience!

Anyway, it's this Saturday, 02/11/16 starting at 12pm PST and going anywhere from 12 to 36 hours depending on donations received. We sure would appreciate all the help we can get for them. Even if you can't donate, just adding to our viewer count will help make it more likely for other people to wander in and contribute to the cause. Speaking of the cause, this is the campaign URL, and my twitch page is here.


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    MidnightJesterMidnightJester Jester Extraordinaire Los AngelesRegistered User regular
    Just in case anyone was curious after the fact how this wound up going, we streamed for 30 hours straight and managed to raise just over $2000 for Take This! We're both really, really happy with the results.

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    vidvid Hot Dog Wizard PDXRegistered User regular
    Congratulations on doing excellent work!

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