Vip badge and ticket question.

MaskedHeromanMaskedHeroman Registered User new member
So A friend of mine has a vip badge, He told me he isn't sure if the tickets I would buy would allow me to walk the floor with him. Would this be the case? If so, Is it possible I could tag around with him or would that not be allowed?


  • RenfamousRenfamous Weeb, Unexceptional Cosplayer Houston, TexasRegistered User regular
    Is your friend Wil Wheaton? I assume Wil Wheaton can bring whoever he wants.

    (I doubt your friend has a VIP badge, but everyone does need a badge of some kind to enter the expo hall.)

  • MaskedHeromanMaskedHeroman Registered User new member
    They are a Youtuber of some renown. So if I only have a ticket I wont be allowed on the expo hall unless they make an exception for my friend?

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
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    Everyone needs their own official PAX badge to go anywhere in the show. If your friend has a special badge of some sort, whomever arranged for their special badge will be able to tell them what privileges, if any, they have with it. If your friend is a youtuber, I would think they might have a content creator badge. There are a bunch of different badge types though, so again your friend should check to see exactly what badge they will have and their contact for getting said badge should be able to answer all of these questions.

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