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[Camp Comic] Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - Rabbit

DogDog admin
edited May 3 in Camp Weedonwantcha

image[Camp Comic] Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - Rabbit




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Unknown User on


  • I am lucky to be early here.

  • Aaaaand already found the cat.

  • briguybriguy regular
    I have a little bunny in my backyard. It has the perfect little spot and eats my bird feed and it's really safe because the backyard is fenced. And I keep trying to get pictures but it runs away before I get the chance.
    Maybe if I didn't chase it like Seventeen.

  • SynDuoSynDuo John A. Galvan Somewhere over a rainbow regular
    Thanks Bunny, you saved the day.

  • I wonder why Malachi didn't list "dentistry" as one of his talents during the talent show arc?

  • DublinDublin regular
    Would have Seventeen run with that much glee if she had known it would be to violently yank a tooth from a camper's mouth? Because yeah, I believe she's perfectly oblivious to her surroundings at that moment (except for the bunny).

  • PyrianPyrian regular
    And then a cat ate the rabbit. Seventeen was never seen again.

  • SargeSarge regular
    Which camper is that?

  • @Sarge The humming one from the talent show.

  • briguybriguy regular
    Sarge wrote: »
    Which camper is that?


  • CeceohCeceoh new member
    OK, the bunny is not smiling. That is just its nose. The bunny is not smiling. That is just its... Shoot! There it is again!

  • I'm being dumb. What's going on in this comic?

  • IanBComicIanBComic regular
    Candlewhisper, they are harnessing the power of Seventeen's exuberance and love of animals to pull out a loose tooth.

  • briguybriguy regular
    I'm being dumb. What's going on in this comic?

    It took me a second, too. Maybe a little blood from the gap would have made it more obvious.

  • GinormousGinormous regular
    Thanks, BriGuy. I was trying to figure out if she was running so fast to fly a plastic bag as a kite. I get it now.

  • The GorchThe Gorch regular
    Kitteh is very subtle today.

  • A tooth! I thought it was a box kite, given the previous strip.

    O think what put me off thinking it was a tooth was the sheer size of the thing. If it's a tooth, it's drawn in scale with the foreground, but is placed in the background...

    Cheers for the explanation.

  • Haven't seen a web comic like this since order of the stick right lads

  • Oh Jesus Christ, that is the most adorable cartoon bunny rabbit ever.

  • kram1032kram1032 regular
    Of course this tooth pulling trick explicitly only ever works if you do NOT know that that's what's even going on.

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