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how to clean tarnished pins

BaconGreaseBaconGrease Registered User regular
anyone have any tips on cleaning tarnished pins, particularly the first couple club pa pins I have have lost some luster.



  • fishfishmonkeyhatfishfishmonkeyhat Freelance Pin Man Newcastle, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Was it @Hingo that had the secret sauce?

  • HingoHingo Minneapolis, MNRegistered User regular
    I really need to just make a video on this.

    Pins for trade!
    2015 PAX Prime Omeganaut (I will forever hate Katamari)
  • InterestingMixInterestingMix A little bit of everything really Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    Waiting on that video @hingo :P


  • HingoHingo Minneapolis, MNRegistered User regular
    @InterestingMix shhhh. This weekend perhaps?!?!

    Pins for trade!
    2015 PAX Prime Omeganaut (I will forever hate Katamari)
  • Sammy.SamSammy.Sam Registered User regular
    @bacongrease, since your cries for help have seemingly gone unanswered here are some basic cleaning options:

    1) Good old classic warm soapy water. You would be surprised how much of that gunk is just dirt.
    2) A solution of vinegar/water. What ratio? It varies depending on which old wife you ask. Try 2:1 water/vinegar maybe.
    3) Polishing cloth for metals (silver/gold/brass/etc). This is a special soft cloth, I think it's treated with a micro-abrasive. A word of warning, use a light touch especially on gold plated pins. If you polish them too much, you WILL remove all of the plating and the base silver color will show!

    Another recommendation - store your pins with silica packets. You know those things you get in packaging that say DO NOT EAT? They'll slow the oxidation process which is causing tarnish. The domestic handyman has known this little secret for years, and if you put a few silica packets in your toolbox it will also prevent rust on your favorite socket wrench.

  • MannaRaeMannaRae Sam ConnecticutRegistered User new member
    I had success with a sterling silver polishing cloth and a very gentle scrub of warm water and baking soda.

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