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Anyone interested in making a Challenge Coin?

RILMSRILMS Corpus Christi, TXRegistered User regular
I don't think any of the usual coin organizers will be attending Unplugged this year, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping to create a Challenge Coin for the first Unplugged.

We can help out with who to contact and how to go about it as needed :)

If you don't know about the challenge coins, check out the wiki here:


Ask me about PAX South 2018 Challenge Coins in October


  • robirexrobirex BostonRegistered User regular
    I had a lot of fun chiming in on the PAX East coin design this year. I'd love to do the same with this one if there's enough interest.

  • iltailta Registered User regular
    edited May 28
    I'm definitely interested in kibbitzing and suggesting things (and buying a set, of course!), but I'll be in a show in October so I'm probably not the guy to spearhead this.

    ilta on
  • Arithon32Arithon32 Member of the Pinquisition Registered User regular
    I'm definitely interested in a Challenge Coin for Unplugged, especially since it's in my hometown, but the thought of trying to organize everything is daunting.

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  • RILMSRILMS Corpus Christi, TXRegistered User regular
    It's not that hard. It's a little bit poll creation, people management, graphic design, excel work, and sales


    Ask me about PAX South 2018 Challenge Coins in October
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