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2017 Train Trip?

DracilDracil Registered User regular
So looking at both this forum and the FB group, seems like the 2016/10th Train Trip may not have actually happened, or at least not officially? Did anyone actually go to PAX via the train last year, and how was it? Trying to decide my travel plans, and if the train trip is still a thing I'd love to do it again, but if it's essentially died off then I'll start looking into flights.

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  • BluemeaneBluemeane Registered User regular
    I will getting Thursday morning in PDX! Willing to meet up with anyone at the station, or the train when it arrives!


  • Moridin889Moridin889 Registered User regular
    I live locally so I'll be taking the light rail in. Nice easy trip

  • TimeCruiserMikeTimeCruiserMike Past Organizer of the West Coast Train Trip San Fernando ValleyRegistered User regular
    If you organize it, they will come!

    {Fondly remembers the PAXTrain}
  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    Historically there were two PAX travel events, the PAX Train and the PAX Road Trip. This had people gathering together to create a very carefully coordinated event that has people travelling together. If you search for these topics in these forums you will see some amazing threads about it.

    Sadly for one reason or another both events vanished from the roster of social gatherings for PAX. I personally think they were both amazing and cheered them on from the sidelines as I am travelling from London, UK so I cannot realistically participate in either event.

    So if you want to organise a train trip with other PAX attendees I'd highly recommend you read those old threads and see what you'd need to do to make it happen. As @TimeCruiserMike says, if you build it, they will come!


  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    the cross country supertrip ended, in part, because some of the organizers moved to seattle

  • TimeCruiserMikeTimeCruiserMike Past Organizer of the West Coast Train Trip San Fernando ValleyRegistered User regular
    edited June 2017
    *looks for new thread* *is sad* :(
    <Sigh> I'll start working on updating my old template. How much interest is there for my favorite PAX community event? In the case some of you are unfamiliar with the PAXTrain I'll drop a couple links for your convenience.
    Promo Trailer for PAXTrain 2011
    Why is PAXTrain so awesome?

    It might be the weed, but watching some of the old PAXTrain stuff brought tears to my eyes. I just can't sit idly by and let this once great extension of PAX go unplanned. I won't be able to ride anytime in the foreseeable future, so I would very much like volunteers to head the mission north from Los Angeles to Seattle.

    TimeCruiserMike on
    {Fondly remembers the PAXTrain}
  • The AviatrixThe Aviatrix Registered User regular
    I tried the PAX train once.
    I was so hyped to do so. I even decked myself out in gaming attire to be obvious as to my destination. (Though, I do this when flying to/from PAX as well. Finding other PAX people on my journey is exciting.)
    I did not speak with any other PAX people until Portland. There was no gaming car, and nobody was playing table top games in the observation car (until Portland, when I saw a group come on board with a stack of games and I ran after them like a lost puppy).
    I got on the train half way through California.

    Given the time commitment of the train, I am wary to try again without the obvious organization that there was in the years before I tried.

  • TimeCruiserMikeTimeCruiserMike Past Organizer of the West Coast Train Trip San Fernando ValleyRegistered User regular
  • peterhuzzajpspeterhuzzajps Registered User regular
    Wife and I will be getting on the train in Vancouver. Hope there are others. If not i will enjoy not having to dive in Seattle Traffic this year.

  • peterhuzzajpspeterhuzzajps Registered User regular
    FYI, a little traction on Reddit for the trip here
    Very little buy hey, there will at least be some of us.

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