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DnD Play at PAX West

TimoonTimoon Occupied Canada Registered User regular
edited July 7 in PAX West

I have been volunteering as a DM for PAX since '13, in the past I have got my own pass and did a few sessions for fun. But, many of the DM's work many slots to get their badge and give fun to PAX attendees 7 at at time.

Last year was a high, the "AI experience" was FULL for the day within minutes of the doors opening on Sat, Sun and Monday. Ran a still exclusive Adventures League Module (only way to get it was to DM and they only way to play it was to play at PAX West) Baldman Games ran the DMs and tables. While some don't care for Baldman games, for me they did a good job.

So, I was excited about this year, but I have been in on some of the planning email groups, have found out the following. While AI is bigger than ever (IA "C" team, Merch, and Live Games at more PAXes) This year for someone play DnD at PAX is really unknown. The Adventures League folks (the DnD Public Play Program) were unable to secure space at a price they could afford, I tweeted Baldman Games and they said "There will be D&D at PAX West but Baldman Games will not be handling it"

So any staff here know anything about being able to Play DnD at PAX West 17? Will there really be no way to play the game? If you need DMs you may want to think about who they will be as many are making other plans or will not be able to get the time off to do it.

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  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    I know that WotC put a huge amount of marketing might behind PAX West 2017 presence for MtG and D&D, and that had a lot to do with the offerings that were available. My guess is that if things are unknown, it probably has a nonzero amount to do with WotC not necessarily having committed to their plans yet. I would think the best way to find out would be to email your usual contacts for the show, but it's possible we can find out more information as things are released to the public.

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