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*EDIT* This was supposed to go in the Artist's Corner Forum! Noob dumbass mistake #1

After doing a search of this forum I haven't found any threads strictly for Photoshop photo manipulations.
I'm not much of a freehand artist but I am a graphic designer that uses a lot of stock photography. I enjoy doing photo manips in my spare time. My wiistation signature is an example. I especially enjoy the challenge of splicing 2 or more images so that you would (hopefully) never tell the final image is a composite.

I've got all kinds of this kinda stuff that I could post here, but rather than just whoring myself in one fell swoop I'll post one or two and see if there is any interest in this a s a thread. Then post more if the thread takes off. I would like to see the work of other photoshop tinkerers. Please post your images!

If this is a duplicate thread please lock this and direct me to where I can whore myself.

I do a lot of desktop wallpapers for myself from google image results. here's some examples:

Wiistation Wallpaper
Red Son Wallpaper

I like to do humorous stuff too. this is not exactly seamless but gets the point across

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