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PRE PAX AUS Dinner 2017 - 26th Oct

Capt WasabiCapt Wasabi AustraliaRegistered User regular
edited October 2017 in Pinny Arcade
It's time to start thinking about dinner.... That's assuming your pin budget still allows for things like food.

That's right, I'm talking about the PaxAus Pinny Pal Pre PAX Plated Promenade Powwow. AKA the PPPPPPPP, AKA The Pin Dinner!
I am yet to finalise a location, however you should book out the 26th of October in your calendar now!
RSVP using this link

**** Update ****
A venue has been booked
6pm at PJ O'Brien's Irish Pub.
Google Maps Link

Everyone Welcome - Please register using the link above.
Function starts at 6pm. Dinner is simply a la carte / off the menu - so no issues if you arrive late.
We will also make use of a TV for some Jackbox games towards the end of the evening.

Just as in past years, feel free to bring along pins to trade.

Full details below.


*** Please RSVP using this link ***

If you have any special requirements please call them out here. (or PM me)
But we will already be ensuring the venue is:
1) Wheelchair and Pram accessible.
2) Vegetarian friendly.
3) Ideally has a projector for some Jackbox games.
4) Implies a not so subtle Melbourne coffee snob elitist attitude.

See you there!

Capt Wasabi on


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