My PAX West tickets are lost in the mail!

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So I think many of you can appreciate my panic! After following my tracking number, finally Monday that they were "Out for delivery". So excited to check my mail box...nothing. OK... So I will be patient. Now Tuesday. Mail does not come until 7:30pm! NO TICKETS!!! However the tracking currently says that they were delivered to mailbox on MONDAY 2:30! I am in a HUGE panic now. I know they could not be stolen because we received 2 birthday cards for my son that day. I am sure a thief would take those too! I was also home.
More than once the mail person has given my neighbors my mail and vice versa. Even from a different street. So I am very worried a neighbor somewhere has received the tickets and are very happy. I am also worried now because it is my word against the post office that the tickets were not received! My only hope is that some nice Samaritan received them and will return them to me.
Send me good energy!

***I should mention that I bought 4 tickets each for Friday, Saturday & Sunday. So I would be out almost $600***

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    Hey, that definitely sucks! I too have had mail delivered to the wrong address before.

    However, we can't really do anything for you about that here.

    In the recent years PAX has asked that people take things as far as they can with the shipping service before they officially mark them as lost. I would expect that since badges were mailed out earlier this year that trend will continue. PAX is definitely interested in resolving these issues with a conclusion that solves the problem, so getting in contact with customer service via pax_questions@paxsite.com is the way to go. Keep at it.

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