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Pre-PAX Pin Lunch - Thursday 31st August, 12pm at The Cheesecake Factory

PedroAsaniPedroAsani Brotherhood of the Squirrel[Prime]Registered User regular
As Is Tradition.

Come one, come all, to an accidental yearly gathering. Veterans will know that the Cheesecake Factory is almost permanently inaccessible during PAX. But the day before, when many of us collect the Will Call badges at 1pm we congregate and plan our strategies, catch up and see who looks the most haggard from the journey. There is no need for a deposit, and there is no booking as such. We just give them advance warning on the day so they don't all look at the horde of people like a deer looks at a big rig on the freeway.

All we ask is that you give us a rough idea of how many are coming. So in this thread, please do so.

If things change beforehand, say so in here. On the day, ping PedroAsani on twitter.


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