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Lost and Found - West 2017

zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
PAX hands over lost and found items to the venues where an item is found. If you've lost something, make sure to check with the WSCC, Paramount Theatre, Benaroya Hall, Sheraton, Grand Hyatt, Westin, Olive 8, and any of your hotels you may have been staying with, depending on where you think you lost your item.

You can post about your lost/found items here, but one of those establishments will likely have a better chance of finding it.


  • nerdrage42nerdrage42 Registered User regular
    Sorry! Didn't see this thread. Don't give me 4 days off in a row ever again.

    If anyone saw my rad Hugo Boss sunglasses and picked them up, it would be great to get them back. Lost on Monday maybe around midday. Maybe near the beanbags, but also I was all around and at the Sheraton. Not sure where they were lost. Already checked Sheraton lost & found and they have my info.


  • alchahestalchahest Edmonton, CanadaRegistered User regular
    This is gonna seem minor, but, did anyone find one of the founders cards for Amazing Eternals on the floor? I went through the line four times to win one for my wife but my butterfingers couldn't hold onto it. I know I can BUY a founder pack, but I put a lot of effort in, so if anyone found one on the ground, probably near the amazing eternals or AMD lineups (the places I'd put down my bag for longer periods of time) and are feeling particularly helpful, I and my wife would appreciate it a lot!

  • JulietJuliet Registered User regular
    edited September 2017

    I found a gun pin on the 2nd floor of the convention center when it got stuck on the bottom of my shoe. It is probably scratched a little bit. There was no back on it. I was on my way to meet someone and just picked it up and put it in my pocket. Let me know if it is yours.

    Juliet on
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