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Signature character limit error

ArchArch Neat-o, mosquito!Registered User regular
So, this is the current code for my signature
[QUOTE=Psycho Internet Hawk;17893072][url=""]Arch I like that no matter what game you're playing, your playstyle inevitably revolves around bugs and monsters and generally ugly things.[/url][/QUOTE]
PSN: Zinnar2 | [url=""]A TWITCH STREAM FOR ANTS[/url] | 3DS code: 4742-5997-1992 | [URL=""]avatar source[/URL]

I'm trying to update it, because some of those links are dead....and I've switched avatars as well.

I keep getting an error message saying my signature is "92 characters too long," even when using the signature I already am currently using....which doesn't make sense, unless I'm missing how this is getting calculated or I'm counting wrong on my end.

With all the BBCode, my signature is 365 characters without spaces, 402 with spaces. If I strip the BBCode, the signature is 186 characters without spaces, 220 with spaces.

You'll note that some quick math puts none of these numbers anywhere near something that makes sense.

I see that the maximum allowed space is 180 characters, and obviously I'm breaking that rule. That being said, 180+92 characters is 272 characters which doesn't match to anything I've calculated on my own.

Anyone know what's going on?


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