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PAX East 2018 Forum Badge

kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge CreatorLondon UKRegistered User regular
edited October 7 in PAX East
While we are all waiting for Penny Arcade to kick off the PAX East 2018 Bobcats AKA Passes why we don't we start designing the PAX East 2018 Forum Badge to pass the time? How does that sound? Are you with me? I SAID ARE YOU WITH ME??? There that's better. For the uninitiated the Forum Badge is an adult hand sized piece of card board that is held in a plastic sleeve that is worn during PAX East, West and now South (as of 2018) that identifies you as an active member of these very forums. We spend 5-6 months designing it prior to PAX East/West/South as a community resulting in something we all built together as a collective hive mind.

So without further ado, here are the three themes we are going to be considering for PAX East 2018 Forum Badge DRUM ROLL:

1) Indie side scrolling puzzle platformer - there are just so few of these games right? RIGHT?
2) JRPG - 200 hour SNES/Megadrive game about teenage angst in the middle of BCEC who are also fighting demons from another plane of existence.
3) PAX POX Avoidance - how not to get infected with the dreaded PAX POX (will feature a list of handy tips and will look like a first aid kit).

Please declare your selection to the themes above and we shall declare the winner on SUNDAY 19TH NOVEMBER 2017

Choose well my friends, for this thing will be dangling around your neck for 4 days so do think carefully!

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