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Lodging share?

Kingdom1232Kingdom1232 Registered User regular
I'm looking for the thread where we post our lodging advertisements for PAX South but Im not seeing it, am I in the wrong section?. I tried looking for last year's but it was deleted for some reason.



  • Kingdom1232Kingdom1232 Registered User regular
    I've already looked there and looks like its only for Hotels and weighing the different pricing of hotels only, I have a AirBnB home.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    We don't really allow advertisements of one's own home or something like that (if we did in the past, must have missed your particular case). There will be a room share thread that will go up, but the intention for that is for people who have rooming arrangements that they want to share with other con-goers (again, not advertising out one's own home or property for rent).

  • Kingdom1232Kingdom1232 Registered User regular
    Yes that is exactly what I need. I was looking for the thread for people to put up if they had extra space for the con, like last year. I'm doing a AirBNB again.

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