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Battle Baker [Cookie] Brigade- now with more Pinny Arcade!

punziepunzie Cookie PimpRegistered User regular
If you were looking for information regarding becoming a part of the Cookie Brigade for PAX South 2018 or you're just curious about what we're all about then you're in the right place. We're looking forward to a new PAX and a new Brigade experience!

If you're not already registered on the Cookie Brigade website please do so ASAP! Then you'll be able to to join the PAX South 2018 group and help us out.



The Cookie Brigade is a ragtag group of PAX Community members who have assembled since 2007 to provide our fellow gamers with delicious baked goods! Cookies are baked by the community, brought and shipped from afar by the community, and distributed by community.

The Cookie Brigade does not sell cookies. We give cookies away for free!

Brigadiers also accept donations to Child's Play, which are entirely voluntary and greatly appreciated!

And it's very convenient to get a cookie and give a donation at the same time.

Starting in 2007, the Cookie Brigade began a mission to give these cookies in exchange for donations to Child's Play, the charity started by Mike and Jerry that provides entertainment to kids in children's hospitals. Since starting on this mission, the Cookie Brigade has raised over $343,000 mostly by the handing out of cookies and the reception of donations from the incredible, amazing, and generous PAX attendees! Thank you everyone for your generous donations, you have helped an awesome cause!


Looking to Volunteer? Head to for more information!

Looking for some general information? Check us out on the PAX Community Wiki!

You can also find us on the following social media locations,

Twitter: @Cookie Brigade
G+: Cookie Brigade

And before or during pax, feel free to light up the Cookie Signal on Twitter!
Hashtag: #cookiebrigade


If you're interested in
  • Baking delicious cookies
  • Distributing to people during PAX
  • Helping organize cookies and distributors

We can definitely use your help! Sign up at our website, if you wish to participate in the organizing, baking, and/or distributing!

An important note: due to certain external pressures on the Brigade we have to keep some of our more sensitive planning operations private. If you sign up on the Cookie Brigade website you will have access to our public forums but will need to submit and application through the site to become a brigadier. Thank you for your understanding!


  • We give out cookies, we do not sell cookies! We do happily pass donations along to Child's Play, so feel free to give us donations if you want.
  • Keep it PG and family friendly. We love to give cookies out to kids and as such we ask all brigadiers to remain family friendly with their cookies (sorry no dickerdoodles) and distributing activities!
  • Have fun and enjoy PAX!



  • punziepunzie Cookie Pimp Registered User regular
    edited January 2018
    Our small run of pins last year went over so well, we made another one! Pinny people probably noticed us on the pin quest. Here's our blog post with more info.
    Don't wanna click it? Fine.
    - we have more pins than last time
    - they're $10 each
    - money goes to cookie brigade operational costs, not child's play
    - find us in front of handheld each day at 11am, 3pm, and 7pm. we can take card payments there
    - brigadiers doing their normal rounds may have pins on them but wont be able to take cards

    And before you comment, no we won't be there at 7pm Sunday, smarty ;)

    Added: we are sold out of last year's pin. Try to find someone to trade for it.

    punzie on
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