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Parking two cars at Grand Hyatt? Overnight parking options?

PreacherChePreacherChe Houston, TXRegistered User regular
edited January 2018 in PAX South
Been going to PAX South since Year 1, and have driven in from Houston and room shared with a buddy each time. This year, we have to take separate cars. I called the hotel, but their answer wasn't clear - anyone know if you can park two cars at the Grand Hyatt under one room/reservation? (I swear when I checked last year, they said no, but again it was a weird answer.)

In case they can't handle two cars under one room, any suggestions on SECURE and affordable overnight parking? Emphasis more on secure than affordable - I don't plan on leaving anything valuable in my car, but heck if I want my windshield busted by some idiot.

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  • CabooseCaboose Event Manager TexasRegistered User regular
    Shouldn't be a problem as long as you're a guest. I mean all you ever needed was the room number right? I'm pretty sure you can drive in and out without hassle as long as you just tell them the room. Also, the Convention Center parking garage between Market and Commerce is pretty safe. Rates vary and I think they have overnight deals, but I know for sure it's totally free with handicap placard which I use because of my own disability.

  • drekindrekin Registered User new member
    There is a parking garage directly in front of the hotel, ‘Omni la Mansion,’ that my friends and I have used the last 2 years and we plan to use it this year. Both years we left our vehicle there Thurs. night, walked to everything, took it out Sun. afternoon when we drive back home.

  • japesterjapester Registered User regular
    Since you emphasized "secure", I'll mention my old standy--the Riverbend Garage. It is just across the street from the convention center and about two blocks west. You can't miss it (look for the circular ramps). It is bordered by Market St, Commerce St and North Presa St. I recommend it to my out-of-town visitors for two reasons. One, there is a police substation located at the bottom of it. And two, there is a 24 hour Whataburger also located in it. So you can go there any time, day or night, and feel safe while also grabbing a tasty bite.

    Since the parking at the hotel and across the street tend to fill up first during events, I park at Riverbend when I arrive late. I've never stayed overnight since I'm a local, so I can't comment on their rates. Overall, though, parking downtown here in San Antonio is much safer than most cities. Our downtown is very pedestrian rather than industrial, and all that foot traffic discourages random vandalism and theft.

  • PreacherChePreacherChe Houston, TXRegistered User regular
    Thanks for the recommendations! I think we're set with some good options. See y'all at the con!

  • japesterjapester Registered User regular

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