PbF Unicornus Knights - Are you a bad enough dude to escort the princess?



  • MrBodyMrBody Registered User regular
    Some notes:

    Gato and Godfried are by far the best heroes in the game. I'd put them in "god tier". The game is much harder without them.

    The warrior Princess also makes the game easier, although not as much as the strategist princess (you get to control her movement every turn). For a real challenge, you can go with the "social" princess who gets a free soldier + 5 supply every turn, which causes her to barrel ahead faster whether you're ready or not (on top of which she has the lowest troop max).

    Black Drake is the hardest enemy (both for his strength and his slowing terrain), along with Layla, who for some reason always ends up in the far left corner every time I play and can be easily bypassed. The Twins are also tough, but if you get the first one as an ally, you can practically call the game right there in a victory since their wonder twin ally power is bonkers.

  • NotoriusBENNotoriusBEN Registered User regular
    Yea, gato dying threw a spanner in our plans. I was ready to healbot our way to victory straight thru, but I had to divert for chancellor... Also... Super super hard to change lanes if turn order and supplies are short... It took me a couple turns to even get over to the chancellor.

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  • MrBodyMrBody Registered User regular
    Around 2/3rds of the player actions are spent on building up logistics, in an attempt to leapfrog to the next town where you can build up more. The main goal is to avoid the worst possible situation: running out of gas before the next town.

    The most powerful heroes are the ones that mitigate that. Gato completely bypasses all of it. Taking hits to health instead of losing soldiers preserves your leapfrog momentum, and it's normally balanced by being very limited by your health and healing being very rare, so Godfried bypasses that obstacle. On top of that, both are very good at combat. Their direct combat should have been gimped to balance out those amazing abilities.

    For comparison, here's the very worst hero in the game:


    This read like an attempt at a balanced version of Gato. A hero who can operate away from supply centers and not run out of resources/soldiers so easy, fitting their guerilla band theme. But their combat ability absolutely stinks: a max 4 soldiers and only hit on a 5-6. In fact it's one of the worst combat spreads in the entire game, with most support characters fairing better. Their 2 damage mitigation is pointless considering that kind of damage avoidance is built in to heroes with better rolls. Then consider the fact that their resource independence is also vastly inferior to Gato: getting 2 resources per kill vs not needing resources at all. Mountain Cat Band fails at every possible level. It'd be more beneficial to just lower the player count by 1 rather than have them on your team.

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