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PAX West Challenge Coin 2018 (updated July 10th, 2018 with Order Form)



  • DracilDracil Registered User regular
    edited July 11
    Did last year's coin have that epoxy thing for the color version? It felt a little weird. So this year we won't have it?

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  • Nfan10039Nfan10039 SaskatchewanRegistered User regular
    I am fairly certain that there will not be epoxy this year. However, I could be wrong about this.

    Just a nerd into anything Nintendo, anime, MCU, Star Wars, and board games/card games.
    Also a computer scientist and a streamer.
  • smashilatorsmashilator Registered User regular
    Ordered, yet again

  • DevereauxDevereaux Registered User regular
    Coins ordered! :D

    Check out my lanyard and let's trade ;)
  • PchoPcho Enforcer Pcho New HampshireRegistered User regular

  • Nfan10039Nfan10039 SaskatchewanRegistered User regular
    Here is the updated concept art from Kidder Corp themselves.

    Just a nerd into anything Nintendo, anime, MCU, Star Wars, and board games/card games.
    Also a computer scientist and a streamer.
  • SkeleVaderSkeleVader Your Friendly Dark Lord of Destruction Registered User regular
    Nfan10039 wrote: »
    anettie76 wrote: »
    Did I miss why we were using PAX Prime versus PAX West? I know the history of the name, I just wondered if we were using Prime to stay true to the origin of the event, even though we used PAX West the last 2 years. (I'm referring to proofs shown above.) I have no complaints about the coin, I was only curious. I love it and think I will get one of each as well. Thank you for your efforts.

    Thank you for pointing that out. I have alerted Kiddercorp which hopefully will make the change the design for us before printing any. I have sent them an email and am currently waiting to hear back. Will let you know what happens.

    Yep, this is a great reason to always post the proof here. Having a bunch of eyes makes sure errors get fought quickly.
    (Although I wouldn’t have minded that one getting through. Prime forever!)

  • IncreaseBlueIncreaseBlue Registered User regular
    Ordered mine! Thanks again for the hard work!

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