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2018 Ticket Sale Optional Item Question

PDP11PDP11 Registered User regular
Have any images of the 2018 Early Bird optional items (e.g. dice stand, etc.) been released? URLs please.



  • fishfishmonkeyhatfishfishmonkeyhat Freelance Pin Man Newcastle, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    @PDP11 They've added images to the order form now (click for big):

    Limited Edition Level Up Dice Stand + Dice -AUD $100.00

    PAX Australia Survival Kit -AUD $75.00

    Exclusive PAX Australia 2018 branded socks -AUD $25.00

  • cakemachinecakemachine Registered User new member
    Why is the dice stand and die so much? What are thry made of?

  • tomandjebinspacetomandjebinspace Registered User regular
    It's Level Up Dice so it's probably cast aluminium like the dice last year

  • UseR2006UseR2006 MelbourneRegistered User regular
    But for 1 single d20 and a chunk of aluminium it is stupid. Honestly.
    if they had made it $100 and had a set of their normal full set of dice i'd have got one. It's just a pointless add on and nothing there really hooked me as something I would use at the con or post con.
    A wasted effort and I feel a wasted opportunity too.

    "I know you've been online.... There are lots of people that don't have that voice, that makes them ask themselves if what they make is shit or not." [img][/img]WJnjIS1.png

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