issue with new posts

XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
not sure if it's wide spread, but since it's happening on both my computers, I figured I'd mention it. It used to be, when you click a thread with (say) 10 new posts, it would take you to the first new post. Now for whatever reason I go right to the 10th new post.

Maybe I'm just doing it wrong though


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    bowenbowen How you doin'? Registered User regular
    Twitter and other inlined stuff will push posts up and down because they have dynamic sizing, so, it's usually that for me.

    not a doctor, not a lawyer, examples I use may not be fully researched so don't take out of context plz, don't @ me
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    XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    this is every thread though

    which I guess that could still account for

    also, tweets don't load on my pc anyway (though they do on my phone)

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