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Session notes sharing thread? [Friday edition]

mattropolismattropolis Registered User regular
edited August 2018 in PAX West
Hi all,

I'm really bummed I can't make today's talks (Friday) because I have to work, but am going to a bunch of sessions on Sunday and want to share my notes. I don't know about you, but I take notes but am not always the fastest typer/writer and miss stuff.

Maybe we could all share our notes together for sessions that aren't up on Twitch or we missed while catching other sessions?

I know I'd love to see the notes from these sessions for today:
  • Weird (and Wonderful!) Nintendo Peripherals
  • Game Jobs You Never Even Knew Existed
  • Dear Player: Love Letters from the Games Industry
  • What Goes Bump in the Night: Games That Keep You Wide Awake

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