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PAX East 2019 Forum Badge

kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge CreatorLondon UKRegistered User regular
It's time. It's time to make a forum badge design for PAX East 2019! Yes I know PAX West is still kind of fresh in the memory BUT WE NEED TO PREPARE! These things take time and we have none.

For the uninitiated the Forum Badge is an adult hand sized piece of card board that is held in a plastic sleeve that is worn during PAX East, West and now South (as of 2018) that identifies you as an active member of these very forums. We spend 5-6 months designing it prior to PAX East/West/South as a community resulting in something we all built together as a collective hive mind.

So without further ado, here are the three themes we are going to be considering for PAX East 2019 Forum Badge DRUM ROLL:

1) Arcade cabinet of the PAX Community shield and the back being a high score table.
2) JRPG - An adventure where a group of PAX East attendees try to enter BCEC before they freeze to death as they wait to get their bags checked.
3) Yet another XBox One Controller design, can we please put an end to this madness Microsoft? Thanks, that would be great.

Please declare your selection to the themes above and we shall declare the winner on SUNDAY 25TH NOVEMBER 2018

Choose well my friends, for this thing will be dangling around your neck for 4 days so do think carefully!




  • jdixon1972jdixon1972 Registered User regular
    Hi kropotkin! Glad to see the forum badge planning started. I know PAX is around 5 months away, but my excitement is starting to build again! Anyway, I like all three designs, and my heart wants to go with 1, but I like the comedy aspects of 2 and 3. In the end, I would say option 2.

  • WuShockWuShock Lawful Good South BrownbackistanRegistered User regular
    After going through that bag check dressed like El Generico last time, I fully support #2.

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  • a fraking toastera fraking toaster W1TRK Registered User regular
    i vote 1

  • jayh0vajayh0va Registered User regular
    Annually one of my favorite PAX traditions...I wear that thing like the badge of honor it is. And three wonderful options as always.

    I vote 1 and thank you again for all your efforts!

  • starNOstarstarNOstar Buffalo, NYRegistered User regular
    Tough call between 1 and 2. But it's not Pax without the feeling of being herded like very cold cattle, so #2

  • MephistoN7MephistoN7 Sexual Tyrannosaurus Keene, NHRegistered User regular
    *sniffs* Do... do you all smell that?

    *takes a deep breath* Ahhh yes... PAX East.

    I'm down with #2. Because we've all been there.


  • ScoJoMoScoJoMo Registered User regular
    I've never actually voted or gotten one of these, because I don't think I'm really active enough on the forums.... But, if I may, I'd go with #2.

  • LoonyEclipseLoonyEclipse WWHRD? Montreal, QCRegistered User regular
    I was about to vote #1...then I read #2, so I gotta vote that.

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  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    1 or 2? probably 2 if I am picking just one of them.

  • acaraba2acaraba2 Tampa, FLRegistered User regular
    I vote #2


  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    So No. 2 is getting a lot of votes. I better brush up on my pixel art!


  • Tristan3Tristan3 Registered User regular
    I would say #1, and thank you for doing this every year!

  • JayDfromMAJayDfromMA MARegistered User regular
    I think I will weigh in on number 1! Although 2 is all too familiar....

  • iltailta Registered User regular
    Like several others, I like the first two especially. Since I need to pick one, I lean towards #2.

  • melzwaymelzway Registered User regular
    I'm torn between 1 and 2.

  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    melzway wrote: »
    I'm torn between 1 and 2.

    Then we have you voting for both; problem solved :)


  • MattBSGMattBSG Registered User regular
    I'm interested in seeing #2 coming to light

  • cpmcpm dishwasher flowery branch gaRegistered User new member

  • casstronautcasstronaut Boston, MARegistered User regular
    My vote is for #2!

  • eloelo That guy over there... Smoke stack central, NJRegistered User regular
    #2 especially relevant for those years when East is early in March.

  • A.SabotA.Sabot Boston, MaRegistered User regular
    I like 1! Always exciting seeing the designs :)

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  • stitchingdragonstitchingdragon MA, USARegistered User regular
    I vote 1

  • Sgt.MaysSgt.Mays Ontario, CanadaRegistered User regular
    i vote 1

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  • LuckyMarleneLuckyMarlene CaliforniaRegistered User new member
    edited November 2018
    I vote #2

    LuckyMarlene on

  • SolanalesSolanales CMYKMatter Registered User regular
    #2 is my vote

  • BCBarneyBCBarney Registered User regular
    #2 gets my vote.

  • SatoruSatoru Registered User regular
    #1 for me!

  • ChoujicosplayerChoujicosplayer Cape Cod, MARegistered User regular
    #2 for me :3

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  • Rhea_starstormRhea_starstorm Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    #1 or #2

  • LycaneLycane Registered User regular

  • SutibunRiSutibunRi Montreal, Quebec, CanadaRegistered User regular
    I think my vote has to be for #2, though #1 is a close second.

  • BarkBark Registered User regular
    Thanks for doing this again! I vote for #2.

  • widian007widian007 Registered User regular
    I would vote #2, and thanks again for doing this. I love getting mine at game night always a highlight.

  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    Keep the voting up all. I have booked my usual hotel, making PAX East 2019 feel closer :)


  • KilonumKilonum [E] Somewhere near BostonRegistered User regular
    Voting 1. Save 2 for the next time PAX East is before the spring equinox.

  • RipkanRipkan Registered User new member
    I registered to vote #2! This is my very first Pax!

  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    Aaaaaand the votes are in! 34 votes were cast and the results are as follows:

    1) Arcade cabinet : 11 Votes
    2) JRPG : 23 Votes
    3) Yet another XBox One Controller design : 0 votes

    This means that Option 2, the PAX East 2019 JRPG with 68% of the vote is the winner!

    I shall get onto to designing the new badge next weekend after Dragonmeet. Thanks for voting everyone.


  • Ghostly ClockworkGhostly Clockwork Registered User regular
    Awesome! This is gonna be my first PAX East, looking forward to it!

    FTC: honk.
    FTC: HONK.

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  • kropotkinkropotkin Forum Badge Creator London UKRegistered User regular
    Sorry for the delay in posting a badge design, I have been a very busy person of late. I shall get on it as soon as I am able.


  • MephistoN7MephistoN7 Sexual Tyrannosaurus Keene, NHRegistered User regular
    kropotkin wrote: »
    Sorry for the delay in posting a badge design, I have been a very busy person of late. I shall get on it as soon as I am able.

    No. How dare you prioritize life over us at this time of year. You monster.

    No worries! Take time for you. :D


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