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Pricipice of Darkness: Episode One & Two. Some questions about polonization.

Drako_SchifferDrako_Schiffer new memberRegistered User new member
Hello, fellows! Sorry for my english, by the way.

I have a some questions about polonization of this games. In my opinion, Penny Arcade Adventures is the most understimated series in our country. I want to make polish version of this game, of course, if authors give me permissions to do this.

But... I dont know where's text files. Of course, I found .FFA files in game folders, but I dunno how to access a content. Someone knows how to do this? :D


  • TubeTube admin Administrator, ClubPA admin
    Hi Drako! You would have to contact Hothead Games about this, I'm afraid we don't have any of that stuff.

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