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Convention center ship station?

JailbirdyJailbirdy OhioRegistered User regular
Does the convention center have a Fed Ex shipping area or booth? (Or UPS). I may need to do some shipping on Saturday?

Gamechefs LTD
GT: Jailbirdy


  • divisiontendivisionten Registered User regular
    Just outside the con center (about a block) is a fed ex. I don’t know if there’s one inside it though.

  • bubba0077bubba0077 College Park, MDRegistered User regular
    edited November 2018
    There's also a FedEx inside the convention center on the second floor.

    bubba0077 on
  • SolanalesSolanales CMYKMatter Registered User regular
    There's also a FedEx in the Marriott that is connected to the convention center.

  • JailbirdyJailbirdy OhioRegistered User regular
    Thanks, FedEx got back to me today and said they have a office open till 5pm Friday and Saturday.

    Gamechefs LTD
    GT: Jailbirdy
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