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calvinbjddcalvinbjdd Registered User regular
I need some help with the BGG site... I have several Flea Market purchases and now I am having trouble finding them. Is there a way to sort things you've responded to?


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    LackeyLackey [E] PAX Tabletop Tournaments Registered User regular
    edited November 2018
    You are in luck today, my friend.

    If you click on your username in the top left, you'll be taken to your Profile. Once there, you'll see a blue tab for Contributions. Click it.

    Now, once on Contributions, on the right side, scroll down to the Comments section. Click on the number next to Geeklist Item Comments.

    When you find the comment you want, and want to see the original Geeklist entry it refers to, click on the "Posted" link on the bottom right of the Comment's box. I recommend right-clicking to open each Geeklist item you want in a new tab, so you don't have to constantly hit the back button after you view one of the dozens of OPs to your comments.

    ** and this is why BGG needs a complete site overhaul.

    Lackey on
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    JailbirdyJailbirdy OhioRegistered User regular
    Lol, the site is very old school

    Gamechefs LTD
    GT: Jailbirdy
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    calvinbjddcalvinbjdd Registered User regular
    Thank you!

    I would love to see that site get an overhaul... I kind of avoid it because it's so hard to look at and interact with. I would not visit it at all if it wasn't such a central place for gamers.

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