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PAX Unplugged 2018 Proxy

Samurai_KittySamurai_Kitty PennsylvaniaRegistered User regular
Hello all,

Late this year, but I will be doing an Unplugged proxy.

The Unplugged pin announcement:

The List:

Unplugged 2018 Set - $30
Kobolds Ate My Baby (9th Level Games)
Bargain Quest Cat (Bargain Quest Games/ Renegade Games)
Mixtape (Breaking Games)
Kill Doctor Lucky (Cheapass Games)
Bubble Fish (Lightseekers)
Champions of Midgard (Grey Fox Games)
The Shared Dream "Faces" (ODAM Publishing)
Nut So Fast (Smirk & Dagger Games)
Castle (Stronghold Games)
Tuesday Knight (Tuesday Knight Games)
Flumph (D&D Adventurer's League)
Spectrum Medallion (Diversity Lounge)

I'll be charging $15 each for all the purchase pins. If they are less, I'll refund the difference and if they are more please expect to send the additional funds.
Shipping for anywhere in the US will be $7.25 for the equivalent number of pins as a full set. For more pins, shipping will be $13.75.
Shipping for Canada will be $26 for up to the equivalent number of pins as a full set.
Shipping for AUS will be $36.25 for up to the equivalent number of pins as a full set. (*Note: If multiple AUS people want to organize to save money, I can ship all AUS pins to one person for $79 and then y'all would have to distribute them over there.)

** I am willing to proxy merch. Shipping will be charged at my actual cost after the show.**

Q & A:
What is The PAX Proxy?
Each PAX has had a volunteer, someone to buy pins for people who are not in a pin group. People who would only like a certain pin or cannot guarantee that they will be able to go to a PAX that year.

Will the Proxy get me ALL the pins??
The Proxy will purchase all the pins available for money IE: Core sets and 3rd Party pins. The exception is the Limited Edition pin or ‘Time Sink’ pins. Since Merch Lite only sells 2 pins per person, the Proxy cannot guarantee the ability to gain a LE for each person they are proxy for.

How many people can the Proxy buy for?
There is no limit to the number of people I will proxy for.

How do I pay the Proxy?
I will be collecting the money through Paypal. I will accept Google Wallet payments if PayPal is an issue.

When do you have to have the money?
The proxy sets the deadline each PAX. My deadline is the Wednesday before PAX (Nov 28th). If you are having issues, contact me and we can talk about it.

When do I get my pins?
Once PAX is over, I will pack up each person's pins and mail them out.

In Summary:
If you want pins, send me a message. Tell me what pins you want me to buy for you. Before Nov 28th, tell me what your order is. I will confirm your order and send a PM with the amount owed. These numbers are ferreted out by other amazing pinny people on social media. Once you have the 'invoice', pay Paypal to me. Please put your forum handle in the comments to save my brain. I will confirm by PM that I have received the money and confirm your shipping address you have given me at some point. Confirm the address, and sit back & relax.



  • Samurai_KittySamurai_Kitty PennsylvaniaRegistered User regular
    All proxy orders have been shipped. Child's Play donation to be made shortly.

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