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D & D Adventurer's League at Pax South 2019

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Never experience the latest edition of Dragons and Dungeons. This is a great time to jump in. This season the adventurers visiting the famous Forgotten Realm city of Waterdeep. The adventurers are causing a lot chaos in the city looking a lost treasure hoard.

Need a character? Our volunteers will help get you a character ready to explore the world of Forgotten Realms. Or just pick up one of available pre-made first level characters.

For the starting adventurers, we have many 2 hours adventures gear to toward levels 1st though 4th. We also have a couple modules geared to toward a longer adventure.

Starting Adventurer's League Modules:
Once in Waterdeep (DDAL08-00)
The Map with No Names (DDAL08-01)
Beneath the City of the Dead (DDAL08-02)
Dock Ward Double Cross (DDAL08-03)
A Wrinkle in the Weave (DDAL08-04)
Winter's Splendor (DDAL00-05)
The Heir of Orcus: Verse I (CCC-AETHER-01-01)
The Heir of Orcus: Verse 2 (CCC-AETHER-01-02
If you already have an experienced Adventurer's League character, we also have adventures for 5th level and above.

Level 5th to 10 Adventurer's League Modules:
Into the Dark (DDAL08-07)
Crypt of the Dark Kiss (DDAL08-08)
Red War Adventures

This year we are offering Tier 3 content( level 11-16):
Ruins of Hisari ( by Lysa Chen & Ruty Rutenberg ) @ 7pm Fri and 11am Sun

Plus, we have a library of other adventures for you or your DM to check out.

Lastly, Fai Chen is available for trading unwanted certed magic items for other magical items, downtime activities, purchase pets, hiring services from the local and purchasing magical scrolls & potions.

Looks for our sign ups for the Dungeons and Dragons adventures at Pax South in Hall 2 between columns 2-1 and 2-5. We are also limiting sign up to one per day in effort to make the games available for more people.

Have any suggestions or questions come by our Facebook event page:D & D Adventurers League at PaxSouth 2019

D&D Adventurer League Schedule Link

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